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For more than 20 years, Rain has committed to assisting clients with their ongoing food needs. It is this time of year that is most difficult for those in need to budget the extra funds needed to provide their family with a celebratory dinner.

Won't you take a moment to support Rain's Holiday Food Gift Program and ensure a Rain client and their family in need doesn't go without this holiday season? For years, Rain has made it our goal to provide our clients in most need with extra food vouchers from Aldi* so that they and their family will not have to forgo their holiday dinner to pay a gas or electric bill, pay a medical or prescription bill, etc. No one should have to make that choice.

Through generosity of Rain's friends, sponsors and funders, we have been able to meet our goal every year. This year we need at least 50 vouchers. Any funds raised in excess will be designated for our Vouchers for 2015 to continue that we ensure our clients do not go without food and household necessities. Please make your tax-deductible donation securely and safely through Click and Pledge.

*Aldi's is a grocery chain in Missouri which honors ours request on the vouchers to provide "no alcohol or tobacco.

We wish everyone a heartfelt THANK YOU for braving the weather and making our 20th Annual Wine & Art Gala a success! We certainly had fewer in attendance, but we were no less in spirit and generosity than any year prior!

Our event could not have been successful without the wonderful ongoing support and generosity of our sponsors. Our key sponsors for the evening were:

Accurate RX - Presenting Sponsor

Missouri Foundation for Health - Entertainment Sponsor

              Commerce Bank                           PharmBlue


Balance of sponsors and donors listed here.

We would also like to take a moment to thank the Lisa Rose Band for setting our mood. We felt transported back to a 1960s jazz club. Without this setting, we would have fallen short on presenting a night which was..... Simple, But Significant.

Of course, we would be remiss if we didn't thank The Tiger Hotel for going a step beyond in providing the perfect location for our event. As in prior years, they step up and forward to assist in any way possible to ensure our event is a success. 

In the end, Rain and our clients owe everyone who attended, sponsored, donated, volunteered and wished our event a great success, a debt of gratitude. Without each and everyone involved, this event would not have been successful for 20 years! We appreciate you and look forward to 2015 when we meet again for our annual Gala.


The mission of Rain-Central Missouri, Inc. is to provide comprehensive STD, HIV and Hepatitis education, early detection and care coordination for at-risk individuals, families and communities.

Our Vision is to implement effective strategies that promote positive health for those impacted by or at risk for STD, HIV and Hepatitis health issues.

Our Purpose is to serve special populations by providing health and educational resources, testing, referrals and other assistance for unfulfilled needs.

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